Nicolas Lagrée

Nantes, France ·

The video game sector always attracted me, this helped me to find my way. I'm currently in third year of game design at e-artsup school Nantes, my professionnal objective is to become a 3D Artist in the video game industry. I'm open to every opportunity of intership from july 2020 in France.




I've been working for 2 months at the Euralis factory of Yffiniac.
July 2018 - August 2018



I've been working for 2 months at the Euralis factory of Yffiniac.
July 2019 - August 2019

Artist 3D


I've been working for 5 months with socatec during a partnership (thanks to the school)
august 2019 - december 2019


3D model Viewer
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November 2019 - December 2019

Socatec Augmented reality Mug

AR market app

AR Mug app is an application based on the products of the Socatec company. The main goal is to take the real life product of Socatec and bring life into them via the smartphone app. I personnaly made the every single 3D model and texture of the scenes. I worked with another person who made the app.

agust 2019 - december 2019



FPS/puzzle game (Made on Unreal 4)

Prometheus is a 3D FPS puzzle game in coop (4 players).
The players are androids who woke up in a military industrial complex.
They will have to pass mysterious tests and find a way out of the complex.
I made 3d models, texturing, level design and lights.

June 2019


Walking Simulator

Cycle is a project made in 3 weeks in solo.
The player embodies a small creature which seek to reach the light.
Through this game, i wanted to represent the life cycle. From creation to death through all stages of evolution.

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June 2018


VR Experience

VR4JV is a group(14 peoples) project made in 2 weeks. I especially worked on 3D models and 3D animation.
Virtual Reality for Jules Verne (VR4JV) is an immerssive and interactive project that gives the player the oportunity to dive into the brain of Jules Verne. Via the Virtual reality, this experience propose you to travel through unique worlds composed of a subtle blend of his works. From space to the planet center, the player is in the heart of the experience. Merge different world-ideas together to find new worlds to explore.
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may 2018 - June 2018

Other Projects

Game Jams & school workshops
My Itchio

3D Art

3D models

The Models are rendered in Unity or Substance Painter.


3D models animated

The Models are rendered in Unity.

Visual Effects

Day/Night Cycle

The Shaders are made in Unity using the Universal Render Pipeline. The shader replace the Lit Urp Shader, i reworked the lighting system.

The shader is separated in two phases :
- Day : Toon shader, Standart texture, White Highlight.
- Night : Color Filter (customizable on each object), Emissive Maps, Purple Atmosphere


E-artsup School

Bachelor of Game Design

I'm currently learning game design and through the different projects, i'm specializing in 3D modelling.

September 2017 - Today

Sacré Coeur High School

science and Technology of the industry and the sustainable development

I learned a lot about the mecanic, electronic and the sustainable development. I made a connected suitcase which has got the 38st position in an engineer Science competition.

September 2014 - June 2017


I have few extra skills like programming in html/css or violin experience. I hope it will help me in futur.

Primary(Main) Softwares
Secondary Softwares


Outside of video games, i love travelling and discovering new places with familly and friends.
I enjoy to take time with people who are important to me.

I really like to play Warhammer(40k) when the opportunity arises, and sometimes i play violin (when i have time).